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COP28 Daily Digest: Day 12

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By illuminem briefings

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illuminem summarizes for you the essential news of COP28. Enjoy below the summary of the most recent developments:

🗞 Today's Headline: COP28 negotiations continue beyond the scheduled end, with delegates expressing deep dissatisfaction over the draft text's approach to fossil fuels
• The draft, criticized for its lack of explicit language on phasing out fossil fuels, has led to strong opposition from various countries, including the Pacific states and the EU, as well as environmental activists

🔭 The Global Context:  The draft text, seen as a compromise by the UAE presidency, has been criticized for its vague approach to fossil fuel reduction
• This has led to strong opposition from various countries and environmental groups, who argue that explicit language on phasing out fossil fuels is crucial for meeting the 1.5°C target

🌍 Why it matters for the planet:  The final agreement's stance on fossil fuels is critical for global climate goals
• The current draft's perceived inadequacies underscore the challenges in reaching a consensus that aligns with scientific advice while satisfying diverse global interests

🌐 Stakeholder Spotlight:
• Cedric Schuster, Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States: Strongly opposes the draft for lacking commitments on fossil fuel phase-out
• EU Representatives (Wopke Hoekstra and Teresa Ribera): Criticize elements of the draft, emphasizing the need for stronger commitments
• Collins Nzovu, Zambia's Environment Minister: Calls for fairness in emission cuts and emphasizes the need for a Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) framework
Vanessa Nakate, Ugandan Activist: Highlights the immediate impacts of climate change and criticizes the draft for its lack of urgency
Majid Al Suwaidi, COP28 Summit Director General: Defends the UAE presidency's approach, emphasizing the complexity of reaching a consensus

⏭️ Look Ahead: As negotiations continue, the focus will be on addressing the concerns raised by various parties, particularly regarding the phase-out of fossil fuels
• The summit aims to achieve a balanced agreement that aligns with scientific advice and global climate goals, setting the direction for future climate policies and actions

💬 Key Quote of the Day:  "We will not sign our death certificate. We cannot sign on to text that does not have strong commitments on phasing out fossil fuels" (Cedric Schuster, Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States)

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