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Climate change will strike Australia’s precious World Heritage sites – and Indigenous knowledge is a key defence

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🗞️ Driving the news: A climate change toolkit has been developed for World Heritage properties in Australia, co-created with site managers and Traditional Owners
This innovative approach integrates climate science and Indigenous knowledge systems to better protect heritage sites like Kakadu National Park, Australian Convict Sites, and the Willandra Lakes Region from escalating climate impacts

🔭 The context: The toolkit addresses the unique vulnerabilities of these sites, such as coastal erosion, saltwater intrusion, extreme weather events, and erosion of cultural heritage
It's a response to the urgent need for practical guidance on understanding and responding to climate impacts on heritage values.

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: This initiative underscores the importance of preserving World Heritage sites, which represent the rich cultural, natural, and historical tapestry of Australia
By blending modern climate science with traditional Indigenous knowledge, the toolkit aims to foster resilience and adaptive management, ensuring these sites can be enjoyed by future generations

⏭️ What's next: The toolkit provides a resource for managers, stakeholders, and rights-holders of World Heritage sites to plan against current and future climate threats
Its use is expected to extend beyond World Heritage sites, benefiting Ramsar wetlands and marine protected areas, thereby safeguarding cultural and natural heritage against the adverse effects of climate change.

💬 One quote: "Effectively addressing climate impacts on World Heritage values requires the deep knowledge, values, and worldviews of Indigenous Peoples and local communities," highlighting the critical role of integrating Indigenous perspectives and climate science in heritage conservation

📈 One stat: No specific statistic provided, but the toolkit's development marks a significant step in collaborative climate adaptation strategies for heritage conservation.

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