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Cities are all in on the European green deal

By illuminem briefings 🌎

Jul 18 2023 · 1 min read

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🗞️ Driving the news: Europe’s cities, such as Leipzig, Grenoble, Utrecht, Warsaw, and Vienna, are implementing innovative policies and initiatives to reduce emissions and enhance sustainability
• Yet, despite such progressive action, some national governments and politicians are showing resistance towards a greener deal

🔭 The context: Critics of the European Green Deal fear it may disproportionately affect vulnerable communities and hurt industry competitiveness
• Yet, cities like Leipzig show that sustainable development can empower such communities and stricter environmental regulations can serve as an economic opportunity, not a threat

🌎 Why it matters for the planet: As over two-thirds of Europeans reside in cities, local leaders are key in promoting sustainability and enhancing living standards
• Creating a sustainable economy presents not only a moral duty but also an economic opportunity, safeguarding against unstable energy costs and geopolitical risks

⏭️ What's next: As the European Green Deal enters its implementation phase, cities are rising to the occasion, proving that sustainability and economic growth can coexist
• Ghent has seen economic benefits since it began working on more sustainable and circular steel production
Helsinki has been proactive in upskilling its workforce for using more sustainable materials

💬 One quote: "Building a sustainable economy isn’t just a moral imperative — it’s a tremendous economic opportunity” (Burkhard Jung, German politician of the Social Democratic Party)

📈 One stat: Today, over two-thirds of Europeans live in cities, indicating the considerable impact that city-level decisions and initiatives can have on broader regional and global environmental outcomes

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