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Can automation enhance supply chain sustainability for businesses?

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🗞️ Driving the news: Supply chain automation, utilizing technology such as AI, IoT sensors, blockchain, and robots, can significantly enhance sustainability efforts in businesses by streamlining inventory management, order processing, and logistics
This shift towards automation can contribute to carbon-neutral transportation, route optimization, waste reduction, dynamic production, energy-saving integrations, process automation, and safer material handling.

🔭 The context: The global supply chain's carbon footprint is a growing concern, with a predicted 36% increase in delivery vehicles by 2030 leading to a surge in CO2 emissions
Automation technologies offer a promising solution to reduce these emissions, optimize routes, manage waste effectively, and improve energy management within supply chains

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Automation in supply chains can drastically cut carbon emissions, with electric self-driving trucks and drones potentially reducing energy consumption per package by over 90%
This technological integration tackles the 90% of a company’s carbon emissions that stem from its supply chain, emphasizing the role of automated sustainability measures in combating the climate crisis.

⏭️ What's next: As consumer preferences shift towards eco-friendly products, businesses must adopt sustainable supply chains or risk losing market share
Automation offers a pathway to improved customer acquisition, increased profits, and enhanced company reputation, while also supporting the global movement towards environmental sustainability.

💬 One quote: "Automation makes such errors less likely to occur in the first place," highlighting the efficiency and accuracy benefits of integrating technology into supply chain processes.

📈 One stat: "85% of buyers have become greener in their purchases in the last five years," indicating a significant shift towards environmentally conscious consumer behavior.

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