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Biden’s LNG decision will make it harder to reach our climate goals

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🗞️ Driving the news: China's ambitious investment in renewable energy, particularly solar and wind power, positions it as a global leader in the shift towards green energy
However, this progress is undermined by the country's increased reliance on coal to ensure grid reliability, a trend mirrored in several developing nations, including India
In contrast, the U.S. pushes for a blend of renewable energy sources and low-carbon natural gas to achieve climate goals

🔭 The context: Despite the global push for renewables, the practical need for coal in ensuring grid reliability remains, especially in the absence of sufficient natural gas supplies 
This reality is highlighted by China's and India's significant contributions to coal emissions and the resurgence of coal power in countries like Germany due to energy supply challenges

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Coal's dominant role in global emissions, accounting for 44 percent, with China and India as major contributors, poses a significant challenge to climate change mitigation efforts
The narrative stresses the importance of integrating natural gas into the energy mix as a transitional fuel to reduce reliance on coal and lower emissions

⏭️ What's next: Advocates for a balanced energy strategy, including former U.S. senators Mary Landrieu and Tim Ryan, call for policy shifts to support natural gas development and exports 
This approach aims to reduce global coal dependency, ensure energy security, and support renewable energy scale-up through a pragmatic mix of energy sources

💬 One quote: "The value of natural gas is backed up by leading and trusted scientific experts like former Obama administration Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz, who has said natural gas should be viewed 'as a multi-decadal, critical component of the energy transition.” (Mary Landrieu And Tim Ryan, journalists)

📈 One stat: Natural gas emits 50 percent less carbon dioxide than coal

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