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Biden faces calls to declare climate emergency as he heads to Maui

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🗞️ Driving the news: President Joe Biden is preparing to visit Maui, Hawaii, after the deadliest wildfire in U.S. history
• Lawmakers and climate activists are calling for the White House to take decisive action to prevent future climate-related disasters, and pressure is building for Biden to declare a national climate emergency.

🔭 The context: The devastation in Maui, along with a string of other climate events, has intensified the calls for sweeping actions, such as restraining greenhouse gas production and implementing large-scale clean transportation
• Furthermore, critics argue that declaring a climate emergency would unlock federal resources and powers to address these critical issues

🌎 Why does it matter: The ongoing crisis in Hawaii, along with other climate-related incidents, has highlighted the urgency of the climate change problem: reflecting the broader national and global struggle 
• A national climate emergency declaration could potentially spur significant reforms, but it comes with political risks and potential legal challenges

⏭️ What's next: The president has avoided officially declaring a climate emergency but has acknowledged the crisis since day one
• Biden's visit to Hawaii may shift his perspective, and the mounting pressure from allies and advocates might lead to more decisive actions

💬 One quote: "If he did that next week in Hawaii, I’d be standing right next to him. I’d be telling all my friends. I’d be campaigning for him all the way up until November. Because the stakes are too high to not. This is our last chance." (Kaniela Ing, national director of the Green New Deal Network)

📈 One stat: The Maui wildfire, has claimed at least 110 lives and caused extensive damage

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