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Australia revamps hydrogen push to reshape economy

By illuminem briefings 🌎

Sep 04 2023 · 1 min read

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🗞️ Driving the news: Wollongong, Australia is transitioning from coal and iron ore to focus on hydrogen, a promising new resource
• Hysata, a university-derived venture near the steelworks, has retrofitted an 8,000 sq m facility to produce electrolysers for hydrogen extraction: they target commercial production by 2025

🔭 The context: While Australia possesses a wealth of natural resources, its manufacturing has traditionally been limited
• Hysata represents a shift towards domestic manufacturing and away from merely exporting raw resources

🌎 Why does it matter for the planet: "Green" hydrogen, derived from renewable sources, could counterbalance falling coal and gas sales for Australia
• Yet, global initiatives like Biden's Inflation Reduction Act pose competitive challenges

⏭️ What's next: A proposed a $2bn "Hydrogen Headstart" program in the 2023 budget aims to bolster hydrogen production in towns like Wollongong
• The ultimate objective is to produce and export products ranging from renewable energy to green steel

💬 One quote: "We’ve got a real opportunity to put Australia on the map. It’s about changing the world. How often do you get that opportunity?” (Scott Abrahamson, Hysata)

📈 One stat: By 2050, Australia's hydrogen industry might add A$50bn to the GDP and create over 16,000 jobs

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