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Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − study shows

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🗞️ Driving the news: Research indicates that the Atlantic Ocean's circulation has weakened significantly, potentially to its lowest point in nearly a millennium
• A new study employing advanced climate models suggests that the AMOC could shut down within a century after reaching a critical tipping point, leading to drastic climate changes across North America, Asia, and Europe

🔭 The context: The AMOC is a crucial component of the Earth's climate system, transporting heat from the tropics to the northern latitudes

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: A shutdown of the AMOC would result in significant cooling in the Northern Hemisphere, affecting temperatures, sea levels, and precipitation patterns
• This could push other ecosystems towards their own tipping points, impacting biodiversity and accelerating climate change further

⏭️ What's next: The study also identified a physics-based early warning signal for when the AMOC is nearing its tipping point, offering a timeframe of one to four decades after the threshold is reached
• This highlights the urgent need for monitoring and potentially mitigating the impacts of such a catastrophic climate shift

💬 One quote: "The temperature, sea level and precipitation changes will severely affect society, and the climate shifts are unstoppable on human time scales," underlines the study's stark warning against the backdrop of ongoing global warming

📈 One stat: The study predicts parts of Norway could experience temperature drops of more than 36 F (20 C), emphasizing the dramatic climate shifts possible if the AMOC collapses.

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