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At one ventures: $375 million climate tech fund launched

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🗞️ Driving the news: At One Ventures, the climate tech venture capital firm founded by Tom Chi of Google X fame, recently closed a $375 million second fund
• This fund aims to support startups introducing groundbreaking technologies designed to rejuvenate the planet's health, particularly targeting industries like construction, energy, transport, and agriculture

🔭 The context: Funding was sourced from a diverse group of Limited Partners, including prominent entities like GenZero, World Wildlife Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and others
• Notably, At One Ventures has prioritized inclusivity, with 40% of the founders they support belonging to traditionally under-represented groups in venture-backed companies

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: At One Ventures focuses on the bigger picture, highlighting how all parts of our environment are linked
• Their goal is beyond just sustainability; they aim for regeneration and support startups like Dendra, which helps with reforestation, understanding the value of air, water, soil, and biodiversity in nature

⏭️ What's next: At One Ventures intends to increase its investment in actively regenerative companies, setting a goal of a 20% stake in biodiversity-focused ventures by 2025
• With their Fund II being over double the size of their inaugural fund, the firm is poised to make significant strides in supporting groundbreaking sustainable ventures

💬 One quote: “It’s going to take a different kind of thinking than what got us into the climate crisis to get us out. That’s why we’ve invested in founders coming from a variety of backgrounds and on a global scale... We value diversity of thought so we can get a multi-faceted and in-depth understanding of problems in order to find tangible solutions”  (Helen Lin, Partner)

📈 One stat: Of the current 35 companies in At One Ventures' portfolio, 11 are already achieving sales of their products, reflecting the tangible impact and potential scalability of the ventures they support.

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