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All these problems are solvable’: Great Lakes shipping fights to cut emissions

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🗞️ Driving the news:
The Great Lakes shipping industry is working to cut emissions, with ports and companies investing in cleaner technologies and infrastructure
• The MV Mark M Barker, launched in 2022, is the first US-flagged freighter on the Great Lakes in nearly 40 years, powered by cleaner "tier four" marine engines

🔭 The context:
Ports like Cleveland, Monroe, and Detroit are investing millions to reach net zero emissions, but ship operators face challenges due to a lack of government funding for vessel upgrades
Shipping remains one of the most efficient ways to transport bulk goods, but finding sustainable fuel sources and necessary infrastructure remains a hurdle

🌍 Why it matters for the planet:
Reducing emissions from shipping is critical for combating climate change, particularly in the Great Lakes region where per-capita greenhouse gas emissions are 20% above the national average
• Cleaner shipping methods contribute to healthier ecosystems and reduced air pollution

⏭️ What's next:
Continued collaboration between governments, the marine industry, and technology providers is essential
• Future efforts will focus on developing and implementing viable fuel alternatives and retrofitting existing ships to meet emissions targets

💬 One quote:
“All of these challenges are solvable,” said Mark Fisher, of the Council of the Great Lakes Region “But it will require a tremendous amount of collaboration between government, the marine industry, and technology and energy providers”

📈 One stat:
Transporting 21,000 tons of road salt by ship avoids the need for 828 semi-trucks or 206 rail cars, significantly reducing emissions and congestion

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