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Abnormally dry Canada taps U.S. energy, reversing usual flow

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🗞️ Driving the news: Abnormally dry conditions in Canada have led to reduced hydropower production, causing the country to import more electricity from the United States than it exports for the first time in years
• This trend continued into March, reaching the highest level of U.S. electricity exports to Canada since at least 2010

🔭 The context: Canadian hydroelectric plants, such as the Robert-Bourassa Generating Station, have faced low water levels due to decreased rain and snow
• This shift is part of a broader pattern affecting North America, where demand for electricity is rising while supply faces new challenges due to climate change and increased reliance on intermittent renewable energy sources

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The strain on hydroelectric resources underscores the impacts of climate change on renewable energy production
• It highlights the need for a more interconnected and resilient grid to adapt to changing weather patterns and support sustainable energy transitions

⏭️ What's next: The U.S. and Canada must enhance their grid connections to optimize the use of renewable resources across borders
• Building more power lines and modernizing infrastructure are crucial steps to ensure energy reliability amid fluctuating supply and demand

💬 One quote: "We manage from year to year the ups and downs of water, and when we have the downs like we’re having, the lower levels, it’s common for us to import power," said Chris O’Riley, president and CEO of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority

📈 One stat: In February and March, U.S. electricity exports to Canada reached their highest level since at least 2010, reversing the usual flow of energy between the two countries

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