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The International Energy Agency 10 Point Plan to Cut Oil Use
The International Energy Agency 10 Point Plan to Cut Oil Use
International Energy Agency
By International Energy Agency
Mar 18 2022 · 1 min read

Illuminem Voices
Oil & Gas · Upstream · Downstream

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, these measures can cut global oil demand by 2.7 million barrels a day quickly:

  1. Reduce speed limits on highways by at least 10 km/h
  2. Work from home up to three days a week where possible
  3. Car-free Sundays in cities
  4. Make the use of public transport cheaper and incentivise micromobility, walking and cycling
  5. Alternate private car access to roads in large cities
  6. Increase car sharing and adopt practices to reduce fuel use
  7. Promote efficient driving for freight trucks and delivery of goods
  8. Using high-speed and night instead of planes where possible
  9. Avoid business air travel where alternative options exist
  10. Reinforce the adoption of electric and more efficient vehicles
Source: International Energy Agency
Source: International Energy Agency

The full report is freely available on International Energy Agency (IEA) website!

The ambition of reducing oil demand should go beyond the emergency measures and assume more structural nature to enhance energy security and climate change goals also in the longer term.

Given the predominant role of oil in the transportation sector, it is not a surprise that most of the potential is in the mobility area.

And this call for governments to adopt right solutions, but also – and maybe foremost – all citizens that have the chance or opportunity to do so!

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International Energy Agency
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The International Energy Agency is at the heart of global dialogue on energy, providing authoritative analysis, data, policy recommendations, and real-world solutions to help countries provide secure and sustainable energy for all.

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