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110 Degree Poetry Part I and II

By Benjamin Workman

Jul 29 2022 · 0 min read

Illuminem Voices
Climate Change · Environmental Sustainability · Diversity & Inclusion

Heat stress

Bang on a church door

Meet bless

Defeat mess

Sweat trickling

Beget prickling

Heat exhaustion


Heart rate


Air quality


Deep breath

Please, don't meet death

Clergy descends

Down steep step(s)


Nearly passed out

Clearly, cashed out

Enter reprieve

Asking, "Do you believe?"

In a parallel universe

Choose a curse

Lose a purse

No handbag

Stomach on fire

Command gag

Expand rag



Won't torture ya'

Divine vibration

Fine citation


110 degree Henderson
One funded, then decree
Tender sun
People turn chicken
Heat stricken
Dorothy feet clickin’
Emerald City wizard
Feet surrounded by lizard
Feast compounded by gizzard
Diving head first into a blizzard
DQ disqualified
Magmar personified
Globe is warming
Notice warning
In the morning
Begin the mourning


Heat waves
Goodbye to neighbors
AC players
DC naysayers
People band together
Natives command the weather
Rain dance
Following fatigue
Pain stance
Wallowing intrigue
Renewable energy
Swift victory
Sweet symphony
“Clothes stick to me”


109 degrees now
Seen the snow plow?
At night
Cape crusaders
Throwing rocks at the moon
Purge begins
Mortal Kombat with the Boon
The games we play
Running through a heat relay
When will it cool down?
Get clever
Heat tolerance
Strengthen better

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About the author

Benjamin Workman is a Managing member of Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting LLC. He is also a contemporary poet and writer focused on the issues and concerns that plague our modern society from a personal point of view.

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