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10 Myths in the Energy and Climate World

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By Alessandro Blasi

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Myth n°1

Renewables are the n.1 source of electricity production globally: This is false. Coal is the king and by a (long) distance

Myth n°2

Electricity is equal to energy: This is wrong! Electricity accounts for less than 25% of the total energy consumed

Myth n°3

Coal demand is declining: this is false – electricity from coal is at new record highs and total coal demand might see a new record in 2022!

Myth n°4

Oil consumption is driven by cars: Again, this is false. Petrochemicals, trucks and panes (pending Covid-19) are key drivers of oil demand globally

Myth n°5

 Covid-19 is equal to peak oil demand. Actually, oil demand in 2022 is expected to be already higher than pre-Covid-19

M️yth n°6

 Power is the number 1 source of emissions: This is false, as more than 60% comes from the industry, transport, etc

Myth n°7

The Majors dominate the oil and gas industry: this is false. Those companies account ‘only’ for 12% of total global oil and gas reserves and 15% of total global production​

Myth n°8

We are at the start of the end of the fossil fuels era: This is (dramatically) wrong. Those still account for almost 80% of the total, exactly as 30 years ago

Myth n°9

Wind and solar dominate low carbon power generation: This is also (still) false. In fact, hydropower leads, followed by nuclear!

Myth n°10

Global greenhouse gases emissions have finally peaked: unfortunately everything points towards a new all-time records in 2022…

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About the author

Alessandro Blasi is a strategic advisor to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Executive Director on various topics. He is in charge of assigned priority projects and maintaining relationships with the private sector. Before he co-lead work on IEA’s World Energy Investment Report and contributed as a senior analyst to the World Energy Outlook. Before joining the IEA, he worked in Italy's Prime Minister office, World Energy Council and Eni Group.

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